David Malmberg

The Musician

David Malmberg is a classical guitarist, vocalist, and composer. He is a disciple of Dona America Martinez Serrano, former Doctor of guitar at the Conservatory of Music, Seville, Spain. Dona Martinez was a student of Daniel Fortea, Emilio Pujol and Sainz De La Maza, icons of the classical guitar. David has benefited from this rich legacy having it's direct origins with the Father of the modern classical guitar, Francisco Tarrega. When not playing solo, David uses the classical guitar as a miniature orchestra to accompany his voice. To date, he has recorded 9 albums, the most recent project entitled: "The Fortea Project," a compilation of the music of Spanish guitarist/composer Daniel Fortea.

With a vast repertoire at his disposal, David's music integrates many styles including classical, jazz, and other contemporary musical idioms. In the course of an evening's palette of music, you are likely to hear anything from Bach to Dylan, but always refined, always exquisite, always excellent. Just listen to the Online Music Player above for a taste of the artistry of David Malmberg.


The Reviews

David Malmberg's music is like a sunrise walk on a Maui beach. If you haven't had, or can't get there for the walk, then at least listen to David's art. You deserve at least one of those experiences in your lifetime.

Terry Kirkman
Founding member of The Association
writer of "Cherish"

Impeccable taste, fabulous guitar. Sophisticated, ornate, and captivating. Malmberg is a great artist.

Jim Johnson
Westwood Recording Studios

Congratulations on an excellent recording

Biblioteca Fortea, Madrid, Spain

David's special gift is communication direct to the heart and soul of the listener, reminiscenent of the stream of conciousness that Aaron Copland so richly endorsed.

Dr. Gregory Grove, Professor of Music, Calamus International University, London, UK


"Andalusian Sojourn" is marvelous. These pieces are gems. I can't tell you how much I enjoy hearing them."

Hugh Downs
Former ABC News Commentator


"David's music is at once deep and intricate. He joins the refined artistry of the classical guitar's Spanish history with the resonance of the best of the great song writing traditions. I've witnessed first hand his ability to captivate an otherwise disinterested and hostile audience. It is an irresistible experience."

Timothy Lyles
Professor of Music
McNally Smith
College of Music