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The David Malmberg Comedy Ventriloquist Show

If you want to leave 'em laughing.


The David Malmberg Show

Comedy, voice tossing, storytelling, and music. A veritable cornucopia of entertainment that will keep your audience talking and laughing for some time to come. The wisecracking antics of the lovable Simon Spencer, America's grouchiest farmer, Leonard Cribble, and the totally clueless Lars Gunderson, provide one sizzling laugh after another.

 David Malmberg will give you a show your audience will talk about for weeks. This multi-talented performer has been the featured entertainment for some of the largest corporations in the country.

"All enjoyed David and friends…the best party ever."




Born to a family of professional musicians, David Malmberg has had entertainment in his blood from the beginning. He remembers clearly the first time he saw ventriloquist Paul Winchell on TV and felt the first surge of desire to learn the art of ventriloquism. By the time he was 13, David was practicing voice throwing in the classroom much to the chagrin of his teachers! His parents eventually felt he had potential and purchased a professional figure for him when he was 15. According to David: "It was in those early years that I discovered the exhilaration of live performance."


Simon Spencer


Sharp, witty, cool and a constant foil to David's attempt to entertain.


Lars Gunderson


Lars lives in his own universe of logic.  Much to David's chagrin!


Leonard Cribble


America's most cantankerous farmer.  Everyone has known a 'Leonard.'


Tobias Turtle


Tobias lives on a lake.  As he says, "Drop in anytime!"

"David had folks laughing to tears"


Here's the bottom line: 

When it comes to entertainment, David Malmberg is your best bet. The rave reviews are proof positive this is a laugh filled time for all.

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