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Through the years

Through the years

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Francisco, the termite.

Francisco, the termite.

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"David was awesome! I don't know how he pinned the right jokes on the right people but he absolutely nailed it!"

-Thein Well Company


"We have never gotten as good of a response as we did with David Malmberg! 'They' were so funny... we had a lot of belly laughs!"

-First District Association

 "Everyone said you were the best entertainment we have ever had. You sir, are a tough act to follow!"

-Kottkes' Bus Service, Inc.


"We could not have asked for anything better. Everyone absolutely loved it! People made comments like: 'I haven't laughed that hard in years,' and 'We are still laughing from last night.'"

-Relay for Life Fundraiser


Can you make a living as a ventriloquist?

This St. Paul man can speak to that

By Richard Chin I Star Tribune

JANUARY 18, 2020

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